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Country Style Picnic Lunch in Slovenia

A Country Style Picnic Lunch at Lipica Stud Farm

Even though April weather can be fickly and unpredictable, the group who’s wish was to have an open air country style picnic lunch, were lucky. Because, the weather was sunny and utterly perfect to have such lunch picnic. Lipica Stud Farm is known since the 16th century as a special place where Andalusian horses were cross bred with local steeds. This resulting in the gracious grey-white well known Lipizzaner breed.

The Austro-Hungarian Empire was a dominant empire for 650 years in Europe until its collapse and division in 1918 upon the end of World War I.

The Habsburg dynasty needed a strong cavalry horse and the result of the cross breeding was the Lipizzaner stallion, a grand and elegant horse praised in Europe, admired and appreciated all over the world.

Lipica Stud Farm

Lipica Stud Farm covers 770 acres of farm land and is surrounded by beautiful green scenery, perfect for an open air picnic. The picnic can be arranged at different locations, depending on the group size and type of the event.
First, our guests had included the visit of the Stud Farm, where they admired the stallions. They got to know the history of the farm and, the special features of the Lipizzaner horses. Of course, to they could see these majestic creatures in their own specific environment.

Lipizzaner Horses

Afterwards, the guests arrived in vintage carriages drawn Lipizzaner horses to their very own feast. The picnic site was decorated with piles of hay as the seating area surrounding a wooden table full of locally made Karst delicacies. To name a few, prosciutto, local cheeses, Karst rolled dumplings and many more, with of course a variety of red wine from nearby vineyards and other homemade beverages.

Our guests enjoyed the beautiful environment and the special atmosphere. The inspirational medieval history and allover feeling of cultivated Karst landscape. An integral connection between humans and nature, makes an experience even more memorable.

The visit of the Stud Farm is always a nice idea for a group of guests who like to connect. To connect with nature and discover something local and experience the countryside vibe.

Such settings can improve bonding and take us back in time to evoke memories and to connect with nature.
Contact us for a custom made proposal.

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