About DMC DT-Slovenia

DMC DT Slovenia is a regional branch office of “DT Croatia” Dubrovnik Travel DMC and your DMC Slovenia partner. DT Slovenia specializes in the organization and orchestration of meetings, incentives, exclusive groups and events. With its team of highly trained, multilingual and experienced young professionals, in their Ljubljana office, DT provides complete support to clients and partners throughout Slovenia and its neighboring countries.

Since its establishment as an international spin-off of its successful and internationally recognized parent company DT Croatia, DT Slovenia has successfully operated all contracted programs, delivering a full range of service to its clients, while bringing innovative ideas to the table in order to exceed expectations. Our specialized services cover every aspect of program development and execution from the earliest planning stage through to the final day of the event.

DMC DT Slovenia – General scope of services include:

  • Creative programs with innovative and cost effective solutions
  • Recommendation of the best destination fulfilling a particular group’s needs
  • Supervision and coordination of the program by senior office staff during operations
  • Buses and boats of the highest available standard and much, much, more in Slovenia

DMC DT Slovenia – Specialized services include:

  • Venue selection services
  • Accommodation booking
  • Conference budget planning
  • Registration service and management
  • Fast quotations with fair prices
  • Orientation visits
  • Development of detailed itineraries
  • Efficient and reliable personalized services
  • Social and partner programs
  • Promotional and print materials

DT Slovenia expands outside its boundaries, providing services within the South East European region. Together with DT Slovenia regional partners, DT ensures that unique tailor made proposals for groups and events in Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania, will be provided in the shortest period possible and always in accordance with DT’s standards of excellence. This co-operation affords regional solutions for logistically demanding or geographically diverse programs.

DT Croatia’s exposure expands globally with representative offices worldwide including coverage in France, Italy, Spain, Russia, United Kingdom, USA, Benelux, Scandinavia, Poland, Brazil, South Africa, Australia and NZ. International memberships in specialized associations such as EUROMIC, SITE, MPI and WORLD OF DMC’S , keeping DT’s standards in tune with current market trends, continually expanding its sales channels and maintaining its image as an experienced and passionate destination management company (DMC). Continually striving for excellence, DT’s headquarter is certified with ISO 9001-2008 , guaranteeing a superior quality of service.

No matter what the event or occasion, DT Slovenia, your Slovenia DMC, will always provide a memorable tailor-made solution!