Alpine incentive

    50 Participants

   3 Days/ 2 Nights

   September 2016


An Active Alpine Incentive Experience

In September, DT Slovenia hosted guests from Belgium in the beautiful area of Lake Bohinj. Located in the hearth of Julian Alps, guests could enjoy in a 3 day incentive program which combined outdoor activities, nature, traditional evening, fine dining and sightseeing.

On day one guests had a meeting in the hotel after which, they were taken to the top of the mount Vogel with the cable car. Upon arrival they were greeted with a glass of local aperitivo. In the spectacular environment that embraces the mountain peaks, forests and alpine meadows they were greeted by an accordion player and had a sparkling wine reception overlooking the lush green forests and Lake Bohinj. After the reception, guests were invited to a chalet where they could enjoy in friendly cosy atmosphere and traditional Slovenian dinner.

Next morning, guests could choose between a hike or a biking tour of the area. After activities, both groups met at the lake on a BBQ lunch. After lunch we organized a second round of group activities, at choice between rafting on Sava River and canoeing/kayaking on the lake. In the evening both groups met at the hotel, to get ready for the gala dinner.

Before reaching the castle, where dinner was organized, guests would enjoy in Pletna ride to the Bled Island and enjoy some of the most stunning views in Slovenia. The gala dinner was set in the historical Lake Bled Castle, placed on the mighty rock overlooking the Lake Bled. The group was greeting by the baron and baroness of the castle who invited them for a glass of sparkling wine overlooking the lake.

On the last day, guests drove to Ljubljana, where they enjoyed a beautiful sunny day exploring the major highlights of the city; the Ljubljana Castle and a relaxing river cruise before returning back to the Airport.