Incentive program

    80 Participants

   5 Days/ 6 Nights

   January 2017


Product Launch & 5 Day Incentive Program

In January, DT Slovenia hosted guests from all around France, who came to Slovenia to participate on a conference with their product launch.
From the arrival, onwards it was clear, that guests will be treated with special care, as they were invited to Bled castle, where they enjoyed in sparkling wine reception accompanied by a medieval musical entertainment in costume at the knight’s hall. Kransky sausage which was being sliced in front of the guests was in the spotlight as most of the guests enjoyed this piece of Slovenian traditional cuisine for the first time. Lunch followed at the castle restaurant. The classical visit of Lake Bled includes “must do”, the sail to the Bled Island, which at this time of the year unfortunately did not happen, due to the frozen lake. This phenomena happens rarely and is almost impossible to plan. Instead of visiting the Island, guests were transferred to Ljubljana, where they were invited on city tour.

Whole week was full of conference activities, so in order to loosen up the atmosphere, DT Slovenia with accordance to clients’ wishes, organized additional activity program. Every day in the evening, guests had the opportunity to experience fine dining in best gourmet restaurants in Ljubljana’s city centre. The group was allocated at the Hotel Slon, which with its central location is suitable for exploring the city and a great option when the group has a very busy schedule within the city.

For the final day of networking, DT Slovenia arranged sport activities, at the Krvavec ski resort near Ljubljana. With all the activities, special coffee break which included traditional sweet treats like apple strudel and šmorn (thick pancake like dessert), with a creative aperitivo break before traditional Alpine lunch and private disco night, which was arranged in one of the popular discotheques after the dinner, the last day was definitely the highlight of the program.

All operations during the program which turned out to be a great success, were carried out by DT Slovenia.