Incentive Ljubljana & Lake Bled

    9 Participants

   4 Days/ 5 Nights

   October 2016


Veritas/Ingram – 4 day Incentive Ljubljana & Lake Bled

In October, DT Slovenia hosted 9 guests from Belgium on a 4 day incentive in which guests could enjoy in a cultural diversity, of Slovenia. On the first evening after checking in, guest had the opportunity to explore Ljubljana by visiting 3 different restaurants for a complete meal: a traditional Slovenian restaurant, a steak house and a Pannonia traditional gostilna. In every stop they would taste different courses with different flavors. The untraditional dinner resulted as a great success among the guests.

The following day, guests tested their driving skills, as they sat into old-timer cars and drove to Postojna cave, where they did an adventure visit; all dressed in a jumpsuit, boots and helmets. After exploring the unconventional routes, they once again took their old-timer cars and drove to the largest forest in Middle Europe, the finish line was in front of the hunters’ lodge at the top of the mountain, where they were treated with a game menu: wild boar, deer and bear. After the feast luncheon in front of an open fire it was time to head back to civilization, to Ljubljana, for a short walk to a nice Istrian cantina, for aperitif before heading to the clubs.

The third day, was time for white water rafting in Gorenjska. In the late morning, guests visited one of the best wine cellars in Slovenia for a wine tasting, located directly in the center of Ljubljana, after which they drove to Podvin to have a delicious chef’s Stefelin lunch which would give them energy for the rafting on Sava River. The evening was reserved for a classical gala dinner on the lakeside of Bled, at Vila Bled.

On the last day, guest visited Bled with its’ two biggest highlights, Bled castle and the Island, to which they sailed with traditional wooden boat Pletna before returning back to Netherlands.