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Experiences at an Olive Oil Mill Farm in Koper

In the charming coastal town a welcome Reception with a Twist: Unforgettable Experiences at an Olive Oil Mill Farm in Koper. Immerse yourself in the authentic Istrian environment, as you embark on a memorable journey filled with delightful experiences. This case study presents the captivating narrative of a welcome reception at Lisjak Olive Oil Mill. Where guests were greeted with a glass of locally produced sparkling wine. Followed by an olive oil mill visit and a tantalizing olive oil tasting.

Indulging in Traditional Istrian Delicacies:

At Lisjak Olive Oil Mill Farm, the essence of Istria comes alive as soon as you step through the doors. As guests arrive, they are welcomed with open arms into a rustic and inviting setting. The ambiance is set with the sound of laughter. Soon the aroma of freshly pressed olives, and the promise of an unforgettable experience.

The journey continues as guests are invited to explore the olive oil mill itself. Therupon ancient traditions and modern techniques converge. Witness the meticulous process of olive oil production. Whereas from the careful sorting and crushing of olives to the extraction of liquid gold. Thefore known as extra virgin olive oil. Expert guides provide captivating insights into the rich history and the intricacies of the olive oil making process.

To start the welcome reception on a celebratory note, guests enjoy a glass of locally produced sparkling wine. While the effervescence and delicate flavors of the wine harmoniously blend with the convivial atmosphere. Inhope that the setting stage for an evening of indulgence and discovery.

Embarking on a Panoramic Tour of the Slovenian Coast:

After the sumptuous lunch, the group embarked on a truly unique adventure aboard vintage olive oil vans. These charming vehicles, filled with the scent of olive groves, transported the guests along the stunning Slovenian coast. As they winded through picturesque landscapes, they marveled at the azure waters of the North Adriatic Bay of Trieste.

At a carefully chosen cliff overlooking the bay, the guests raised their glasses filled with homemade sparkling wine. The clinking of glasses harmonized with the sound of crashing waves as everyone soaked in the mesmerizing panoramic views. This moment, suspended in time, allowed the group to bond, toast to new beginnings, and appreciate the natural beauty of the Slovenian coast.

Accommodation Reasons Slovenian Coast Attractive for Events

The Kempinski Palace Hotel:

Luxury and Elegance in Portoroz: As the sun began to set, the group proceeded to their accommodation for the evening – the Kempinski Palace Hotel in Portoroz. This prestigious 5+ star hotel exudes opulence and offers unparalleled comfort. Nestled along the coastline, it provides a sanctuary of luxury. Therefore guests can unwind, indulge in spa treatments, and savor exquisite dining experiences.

The Hotel is a great choice for MICE groups. Consequently caters all that the groups usually request. Up to the standard meeting area. Furthermore private venues for group functions and dining experiences. 

Welcome Reception with a Twist: Unforgettable Experiences at an Olive Oil Mill Farm in Koper. From the delectable traditional Istrian delicacies to the panoramic tour of the Slovenian coast. Every moment is filled with delight and discovery. To top it all off, the luxurious Kempinski Palace Hotel in Portoroz. Surely offers a grand finale, providing the perfect blend of elegance and relaxation. Experience the extraordinary at and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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