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Incentive Group Specials

Experience Incentive Group Specials in Slovenia

Dinner on a lake

Can you imagine an incentive group dinner on a lake, sitting on a small privatised wooden boat and cruising the most romantic scenery, while having a classy dinner?

There is no other way to have dinner so close to the lake and have such a private atmosphere, than on the traditional boat Pletna, which has been carrying guests from the shore to the island for almost 500 years. Dinner on the lake is an innovative way to give your clients the most glamorous dining experience in Bled, which they will never forget.

Dinner on the lake has 3 stops, where guests leave the boat and have wine tasting. In the meantime, staff prepares the boat for the next course. The most spectacular stop is off course an island, which is privatised only for the group, so guests can enjoy this “once in a lifetime experience”.

Privatised steam train journey

One of the most exciting ways to get an incentive group to Goriška Brda (Colio) wine region is with an old steam train which can be fully privatised.

Meanwhile guests can admire beautiful sceneries, also special entertainment program can be organized on the train. Once in Goriška Brda, cooking classes with wine tasting can be prepared for incentive groups.

Old-timer rally

Slovenia is full of beautiful countryside roads that allow panoramic drives with plenty sightseeing stops. To make such drives even more memorable, DT Slovenia can arrange an “old-timer rally”.

This can be a full or half day activity, with different entertaining stops on the way. For those, who wish to drive themsleves, there are also self-drive options.

DT Slovenia can also arrange other incentive group specials or similar activities depending on the incentive theme. Share this with your colleges and friends. For more, please contact us.

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