Spring Incentive Programs

Experience Spring Incentive Programs in Slovenia

Spring, a time when nature finally awakes from the sleepy winter time and reveal all its beauty. Slovenia, especially in this period emphasises its diversity and fascinates everyone who decides to explore it. Each region shows a completely different opportunity for spring incentive programs and a guarantee for memorable experiences.

There is no surprise that pleasant temperatures and fairy-tale-like natural surroundings inspire many people. Organise your spring incentive programs right here, in our little green country. From the Alps to the very coast, there are various activities on choice.
Aghata Cristie once stayed by the Lake Bohinj and many local people asked her if she would place a novel in the area. She proudly said, that the natural ambience is too nice to host a murder story. So, isn’t that a place for a beautiful spring incentive program.

Green Spring Incentive Ideas

Forests have a significant relaxing effect and help release negative energy.

This is why we like to offer special recreation programs in the woods. We can offer various classes that enable one to “unplug” from the nowadays digital world. At least for a couple of hours and learn to appreciate the nature around.

In fact, Slovenia is also called “the land of forests”, lush green forests cover 60 percent of the total surface. A half day of digital detox is a perfect way to restart and bring the creativity within you on surface again. Again, a refreshing place for spring incentive programs.

Different workshops can be organised with the forest, from an open-air ‘escape room’, survival challenge for smaller groups, hunting tours and hikes.

Honey, Bees & Beekeepers

As soon as flowers start to blossom, honey bees and beekeepers congratulate themselves for the promising working season.

Slovenians are emotionally attached to bees. Actually, the old saying that beekeeping is the poetry of agriculture was first used by the residents of the Slovenian lands.

Among every thousand citizens of Slovenia, four people are beekeepers, which is unique in the world. This tradition is among the oldest and most precious ones. We love to propose a half-day experience with the beekeepers, where workshops and tasting of honey products are a must-try.

A nice workshop is a cooking class including honey biscuits or a painting class, where guests can recreate the traditional hive endings.

Not only the nature, but also the farmers become more active. Why not include one day on a Farm. The group can be challenged with several activities. For example, a creation of the Shepard’s stick, making your own butter to be used the next morning for breakfast. Or, tasting a selection of fresh cheeses from the farm.

The pristine environment brings you back in time, where the inspiration was always taken from the local environment in order to improve the lifestyle.

Visit Slovenia in order to experience spring incentive programs in Slovenia. Enjoy beautiful landscapes and get away from busy cities to the pristine nature of Slovenia. Contact us for a proposal.

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