Top Glamping Resorts in Slovenia

Glamping in Slovenia

Slovenia is a country of natural diversity as people can enjoy in beautiful lakes, rivers, wide forests, mountains and sea. For all those who wish to spend more time in the nature, and they cannot decide if they want to stay in the hotel or a campsite, DT Slovenia, can organise the perfect glamping experience.

Glamping is a way of camping with a touch of glamour, so guests are part of the nature, but still have some of the commodities of a hotel. For some time now, glamping has been growing in popularity all around the world, so it is not surprising that there are more and more accommodation providers, who are creating new resorts. In this article we will present top 3 glamping resorts in Slovenia


Garden Village

Bled is becoming a true Slovenian hallmark, known for its beauty and pristine nature.

As this mountain jewel is getting more and more attention worldwide, staying in the hotel in the centre of the town can sometimes get a bit stressful, but at Garden Village they thought of a perfect solution as they created a small glamping resort, located just a stone’s throw away from the lake Bled but still remote enough not to get distracted from the buzzling crowds.

With tree houses, luxury tents and small huts next to a stream, this is a true paradise. At Garden Village there is also a restaurant, which reminds of a green house. When you seat at the table, there is grass under your plates.

Glamping Gozdne Vile
Also located in Bled, enthusiasts can find Gozdne Vile glamping resort, where guests can stay in smaller tents-like wooden houses, which are fully isolated and permit glamping all year round. Next to a wooden “tents” there are also smaller wooden hot tubs, which are firewood fuelled.


Herbal Glamping resort Ljubno (Charming Slovenia)
In the proximity of Logar Valley, one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys, there is a brand new glamping site, waiting for guests, who seek relaxation in the most remote areas of unspoiled nature and luxurious accommodation.

Owners wanted to create an oasis of peace with theme of herbs that grow on every corner of the resort.

If you seek a retreat in an unspoiled nature, then look no further. In Slovenia, there are top glamping destinations where you can find your own sanctuary.

DT Slovenia can also provide you with all extra activities such as hiking and cycling tours, river rafting and other exciting adventures. Share this with your colleges and friends. For more, please contact us.

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