Top Green Activities in Ljubljana

Green Activities in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is Europe’s Green Capital of 2016 and as such it offers great possibilities for organising green activities that a suitable for incentive or team building groups that are motivated by spending time in the green nature. Ljubljana marshes region which has been declared a nature park in 2009, lies just on the edge of Slovenian capital city. With its cultural and natural heritage, it is definitely one of those must see places, when visiting Ljubljana.

Green Activities – Nature Park visit

One of special activities that DT Slovenia can organise is a visit of Ljubljana marshes nature park, where guest can get familiar with the surroundings in different ways depending on the season of the visit.

Combined with such visits, different thematic team building activities can be organised, which can make the visit even more memorable.

Green Activities – Balloon Flights

Imagine the calmness of the morning, with birds singing and sun rising! Imagine lifting from the ground and slowly drifting through the sky above the city that is only starting to wake up. To the north, Alps are boasting with their pointy peaks and to the south Ljubljana marshes, covered in haze of mystery is stretching.

Balloon flights can easily be named a WOW factor of Ljubljana, as the amazing feeling of the flight comes perfectly together with serenity of the setting, creating an unforgettable experience.

Green Activities – Canoe Excursions

Ljubljanica river is the main “vain” of Ljubljana marshes. Underneath the surface of this quiet river mysteries are hidden. Ljubljanica is one archaeologically richest rivers in the world as it has been the main transport rout almost until 19th century.

In the times of copper age, lake dwellers would build their settlements on the river banks and in the times of iron age swords have been thrown into the river as a ritual sacrifice.

Nowadays, the Ljubljanica river is a perfect for canoe trips because of its slow currents and the beautiful surroundings. Also here, different thematic team building activities can be organised for groups, followed by outdoor picnics on the river banks. Because of different needs and wishes, Canoe excursions can be whole day ot half day trips or only one-hour activity with finish in the Ljubljana city centre.

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