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Train Incentive – Slovenia Back in Time

Steam Train Incentive in Slovenia

Have you ever wondered, how your guests could experience an unforgettable journey back in time? Just recently, DT Slovenia hosted a train incentive, on which the delegates were taken for a steam train ride.

Guests started their day by driving from Ljubljana to Lake Bled, arriving to the old train station, where they were welcomed by no other than the Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who “opened” the railway. The train’s whistle was echoing and steam was high in the sky, anticipating its arrival.

After the opening ceremony, guests were invited to board the train and head on a journey across the Alps. The ride offered beautiful views of valleys, lush green forests, and steep mountains, scenery, that can be only had on the train ride.

On the train, food and drinks were available at the bar in the last carriage. The personalised catering content can be enriched with selected wines and delicacies from the Slovenian culinary.

To make the journey even more exciting, extra animation of folklore musicians to entertain the guests during the train ride.

A surprise stop was organised for the guests at one of the stations on the way to Brda. There, local producers gathered to offer a taste of the finest delicacies from the region.

Local entertainment enriched the experience as music was playing and guests were invited to dance. After the stop, guests boarded the steam train again and continued their way to the wine region, Goriška Brda, where the next part of the program was waiting to be unveiled.

In Brda, guests were welcomed by a traditional folklore performance, taking them to a winery, where they could taste wine, olive oil, fresh fruit juice and cheese.

After the tasting, lunch was prepared and guests could enjoy in wonderful flavours of Brda.

As time was flying by, guests, had to say goodbye to the wine region and return back to the capital by coach.

It is indeed an experience that took the guests through “Slovenia back in time”, with several stops. Each stop was a new thrill, where guests experienced something more. All the way until they visited the beautiful wine region and simply enjoyed its natural beauty.

Please share this with your friends & colleges and if you are searching for a unique train incentive, please contact us.

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